Things That No One Tells You About Mobile App Development

Best Mobile Application Development Company in Chandigarh, Since the invention of smartphones, the usage of mobile applications has increased rapidly. The development of the Digital World is increasing at a fast pace, due to which people are investing more in mobiles and smartphones. People use these mobile applications for communication, business, entertainment, etc. Constantly for every business, mobile app development has become compulsory to stay updated with the current market demands. However, the quality of mobile application development cannot be ignored due to its high demand. The developers have to be very careful in developing simple and easy-to-use applications.

Whether your business is a start-up or established, Wavy Informatics being the Best Mobile Application Development Company in Chandigarh has a team of experts of mobile app developers to fulfill your business needs. Here are some key points that no one tells you about mobile app development.

Choosing the right platform

The success of mobile applications depends on many factors, among those factors is its platform. Choosing the right platform wisely will lead to the best application development. In the world of mobile devices, IOS and Android is the most used operating system so far. To develop a user interface for mobile applications, developers have to choose the right language that supports the platform. Android applications support JAVA and KOTLIN, whereas IOS supports Swift and Objective-C languages.

Market research

To be on the top of any business, market research will help to establish the business with a good plan. Before hitting the market with a mobile app, do the research thoroughly like what is the need of the people, its demand, rivalry companies, and their flaws if any, etc. This data will help you to bring the best mobile applications and not to repeat the same mistakes as your rivalry businesses. Proper research will help you to know what kind of people are mostly interested in your app so that you can design and formulate your app accordingly.

Target Audience

Before thinking about developing mobile applications, it is important to know your target audience. After all, the success of the app will only depend upon them. First of all, now your audience, fill the potholes that they are facing and bring the best app to them. The success of the mobile app can be identified only as the download and usage of it will increase. To get feedback from your audience, you have to research before and after the development process. Taking criticism from clients constantly helps; take input and feelings from customers and understand what they are looking for.

The budget of the App

Evaluating the budget of the mobile applications is one of the difficult tasks, but it cannot be ignored. Assessing your portable application appropriately is fundamental. If the design includes animation images and layouts, the app budget may cost much higher than a normal price. It’s not only about images, it’s all about the complexity of the images to create.

Establish in one platform

Before planning to develop mobile applications, you have to choose one platform first. After becoming a master in one platform, the app development can switch to another platform if it demands. The multiple presences of mobile applications will help to increase the number of users. As there are both Android and IOS users all over.

UI and User Experience

This is a basic segment of your application that will decide its success or failure. Despite any other factors if your clients don’t like your application’s UI and UX they’ll neglect your application. The 20% of the development process is covered in designing UI, depending upon its complexity. Providing more animated features to the app can cause more cost and time for your project.

Safety measures

The application should include a privacy policy in case the applications require any personal data from the customers. This strategy needs to cover what information is being collected and how it is used. The security of your application is one of its key features and this should be done at the starting phase of the development. The customer’s data is the main resource and you should assure that the information will not be misused anywhere at any cost.


Currently, the client’s lives depend on their versatile applications to an increasing extent. The uniqueness of the applications is the only way to attract more users and fully satisfy their needs. To make the applications run smoothly and speedily, the database should have enough space. While choosing the database you should check its data storage capacity, data structure, scalability, accessibility, speed, safety, and security of the data, and many other factors.

App development

To develop an app, you need a team of designers, technical coder, and wireframes. All team members work in agile methodology, where the whole process is divided into sprints, and sprints can be changed depending upon their previous work done. The developers need their time in the development process according to the divided tasks, after the programming process, it may take time to merge the codes. Mobile App Development is not an easy task and it is a time-consuming process to develop the complex one.


After the app is developed, it goes through the quality process before deployment so that it brings the best result to your customers. Once the quality check is done it can be released in the Play Store or App Store. There are other app stores as well depending upon the usage of the app in their native country. No matter where the app releases, deployment is a different activity, just have to make sure that it follows all the rules and regulations of the store before release.


The development of mobile applications is not the only task to be done. Once it gets released it needs to continuously take care of. Maintenance of an app means updating its new version, new operating system, and platforms. As per the usage, it is good to keep updated with other new features like GPS, payment gateways, audio detectors, etc. Maintenance is an important task after the development of the app to stay in demand.

Payment Options

In the digital world, internet shopping and online business have turned into an essential piece of our lives.  The demand for E-commerce sites and apps has increased rapidly in the last few years and these sites have given payment gateways new opportunities. Some options which can be included are- in-app advertising, in-app purchase, and in-app download.

To stay in demand and keep your users engaged in your mobile application, it has become necessary to give an option for payment gateways. This permits clients to effectively pay for different merchandise and enterprises, just as booking tickets, transfer, bill payments, etc. at the same moment.


Developing an application is more than creating a user interface application. In spite of developing an app according to your audience’s needs, it is also important to make sure that this application will bring profit to you or not, if yes then till when. In the world of Amazon and Zomato, it is very important to bring something unique and needy so that it grabs the customer’s attention. To make an app successful, the digital marketing company with a marketing strategy has to be very strong.



Keeping all these points in mind before developing a mobile application can make your app more customer-centric. Having said that Wavy Informatics is India’s one of the Best Mobile Application Development Company in Chandigarh, assure to give you the best mobile applications.  Contact Us

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